“Cross Streets of New York” (an NYU Journalism project)

In New York, 8.5 million people live on 700 streets. Their lives come together and intersect like the streets themselves. Here, we explore how people normally separated by housing, criminal background, religion, socioeconomic class, and heritage cross paths in this diverse city. What happens when we really meet each other?

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For a preview of the work that I reported on with classmates for this project, see the video below entitled “No Home for the Homeless.”

360 video: This historic Cambodian building, set for demolition, is a city within a city (PBS NEWSHOUR, Jun. 3, 2017)

This video was produced by GlobalBeat, NYU Journalism’s international field reporting class. Tara Yarlagadda reported this story. Rebeca Corleto, Ben Dalton, Mathieu Faure, Ashley Lyles, Ayesha Shakya and Olga Slobodchikova produced the story, with field reporting support from Reach Champaradh and Kuch Naren.

Genocide’s Legacy: A Museum In A Khmer Rouge Prison | The Daily 360 | The New York Times (Apr. 24, 2017)

This video was produced by The New York Times in conjunction with NYU’s GlobalBeat International Reporting Program.


Grand Central Terminal, Spring 2018


Coney Island, Summer 2017


Garbage Man, New York, 2016



A Deep Dish Pizza in New York City (December 2016)

Smiley (October 2016)